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Category Archives: Trail Review

Al Sabo Trail is located in Texas Township in Kalamazoo Michigan. Yesterday, the wife and I, along with the dogs, went out to the trail to hike around a bit. Of course it’s too soon for me to be out on this trail with my bike, but I was surprised that I didn’t see any bike tracks out on the trails here. This is a great trail to ride if you’re close to the Kalamazoo area. Not too big, but if it’s slow out there you can sneak onto some of the hiking only trails and have some fun! With about 6 miles of trail that are intended for bikes it does have some great single track for the beginner biker or anyone just looking to get in a quick ride. The scenery is beautiful and there’s also a few decent climbs out there. If you’ve never been before I would recommend it. Especially if you are from around the area. Here are some shots from yesterdays trip out there.