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What trails would you like a review of?  Preferably around the Southwest Michigan area.  The closest ones around here that stand out are Fort Custer in Augusta and Yankee Springs in Grand Rapids.  I touched on Al Sabo a little with one of my earlier posts already, so I’d like to cover something else.  Is there any trails that aren’t well known that people would be interested in learning more about?  I’d be happy to travel to a new trail, even while there’s snow on the ground to do a hike and take some pictures to post up.  Leave a comment and let me know if you have something in mind.  I’m going to be doing some looking around to see what I can find also.


Since I started biking I’ve went back and forth with carrying different things with me on the trail and on the road. I’ve used a Camelbak pack which had extra pockets for pumps, tubes, tire levers, and other things. Camelbaks are great but I don’t always want a back pack on. So I started looking for what would work just as an essentials pack for mountain and road rides that wasn’t too expensive. I’m by no means a weight weenie but I didn’t want anything that was bulky or heavy. This is what I found, Rav X Power Pack Combo Kit. For what you get with this kit I couldn’t find a better deal.

It’s not too heavy and you can fit an extra tube in it too. Here is a shot of it on my Ventura and a shot of what I keep in it. The Cateye tail light is also pictured, which I only use on my road bike. It clips right on the back of the pack and is a great safety feature when on any road. I don’t know about where you live but people can drive like idiots here and anything I can do to make them see me better is a plus. Here is a link to the Cateye, Cateye LD130 3Led Taillight. You can find similar lights on Pricepoint or JensonUSA like this one but for a few extra bucks you can get the Cateye, which has a great reputation for making quality products.

I only keep two of the three tire levers in it because I’ve never really had a need for a third while I’m changing a tire. This little seat pack can be swapped out between your road or mountain bike. All you have to do is swap the tubes you have in it for whichever bike you’re using. Then just grab your water bottle and you’re all set.

A while back I kept running into the problem of needing “bike specific” tools every time I wanted to do my own work on my bike.  So I shopped around to try and find a good deal on a set of tools that would meet my needs but not empty my pockets.  Some sets of tools can cost over $500.00.  I knew that I wouldn’t need anything that fancy for what I was looking to do.  I wanted the bare minimum for being able to basically build up a frame and keeping up on bike maintenance.  Here is what I found, Sette Torx ST-21 Tool Kit.

This kit has been great, I’ve been able to use it to do all my repairs and bike maintenance.  This is also the kit I used to build up my Titus Racer X frame.  Besides this Sette tool kit I’ve used other Sette products as well and I have to say, for the money you can’t get any better than this.  Well built and reliable, the two most important aspects of tools in my opinion.  Why pay more?

Here is a shot of my work area for my bikes.  I currently have an 04′ Titus Racer X, 05′ Jamis Ventura Sport, and a 03′ Jamis Dakar (wife’s).

I live in Southwest Michigan and an 24 years old.  I’m married with no kids, unless you count our two dogs.  My wife and I love the outdoors and I especially love to cycle.  I mountain bike and road bike but mountain biking is my passion, no doubt about it.  I’ve been riding seriously since March of 2009.  I’m usually always trying to find that “deal” on bike parts and  do all my own bike maintenance to save money.  Plus I love learning how to fix, upgrade, and tweak my own stuff.  I’m setting up this blog to give product reviews, tips on repairs, and talk about my favorite places to ride.  I’m not that guy you see out on the trail with a $5000.00 bike either, I’ve been slowly upgrading since I started back in March.  I don’t have a ton of money to devote to biking so if you’re like me, you know that finding the best component for the price/performance is a must!